Kotel Pink Melts - 2022 Collection - Oil on Canvas

"Kotel Pink Melts" is a Judaica inspired  oil on canvas artwork. The painting features a unique blend of pink hues that seem to melt into one another. The abstract nature of the piece creates a dream-like quality that is both calming and alluring. The artwork has been photographed with a Labradoodle, adding a playful element to the overall composition. The juxtaposition of the dog and the painting adds a sense of warmth and comfort, making the piece feel more inviting. Overall, "Kotel Pink Melts" is a beautiful and harmonious work of art that exudes a sense of peace and tranquility. The artwork was specially curated for a lux interior,  to complement a gorgeous  Baby Grand Piano featured in the room.

Displayed in Lawrence, New York

Photo credit : @EBT Photography

Judaica Kotel artwork with artist Sossy signatureKotel Pink Melts with Artist Sossy
Kotel Judaica artwork photographed with piano
Kotel Pink Melts - Judaica artworkKotel Painting with Labradoodle

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