Sossy + Canvas is an art studio and events gallery based in Melbourne, Australia. Featuring the work of abstract artist, Sossy Kinderman, the studio is home to a collection of impressive oil paintings and in person art workshops. Art lovers, students and collectors are invited to indulge their creative side through a fully immersive art experience at Sossy + Canvas.

Resident artist Sossy is an experienced painter with a bold and striking style developed after years of painting. Creating beautiful and deeply moving pieces that speak to her history and place in the world, Sossy’s work aims to connect with the viewer through their own lived experience and interpretation of her work. While heavily influenced by abstract art and its ability to inspire curiosity and emotion through colour, form, texture and scale, Sossy still regularly applies representational reference points when painting her widely-loved Judaica art. Having picked up her first paintbrush at the age of four, Sossy has always understood the importance of art as a means of self expression both for the artist and those who enjoy it. 

A truly unique style

Sossy Kinderman

Combining her skill for portraiture and affinity for bright, textured oil paint, Sossy creates mixed media oil paintings with metal leafing on mega-size canvases. These large-size artworks are crafted to dominate the space, making a striking, high-fashion statement.

Sossy’s use of creamy oil paint gilded with gold and silver leafing accentuates key lines, details and features in her work. Other paintings balance light and dark in a style developed through studies of Rembrant’s works — chiaroscuro — to deliver beautiful and triumphant scenes. 

Sossy’s preferred use of oil paint is informed by its versatility, including the ability to customise the final layers of the artwork to suit client preference. Sossy’s art makes use of a combination of flat and textured spaces, thus creating the right movement and balance throughout the artwork.

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"Art allows me to create beauty through self expression in everything that I do or make - from dinners to dining room masterpieces. I can’t imagine not having the ability to use my hands to create.”

Oil Paintings In

Abstract Art

In all Sossy's works, the textured oil paint applied by palette knife and heavy brush stroke is balanced by flowy negative space. This creates a sense of calm in each art piece that enables Sossy to hero the bold, thick paint as a feature, in a style that is appropriate for both living and formal spaces.  

As an art teacher and creative, Sossy splits her time designing novel artworks and custom commissioned art, while hosting oil painting workshops to help others develop their artistic skills. Sossy finds great meaning in her creative work, particularly through custom commissioned artwork, as she captures and expresses the story, memories, and symbols of her clients’ lives.



Judaica Art celebrates the rich subject matter, messages and meanings of Judaism as a faith and way of life. Each work aims to connect Jewish motifs, objects and mythologies to give way to a contemporary expression of Jewish life and the beauty within its ceremonies. 

Sossy’s Judaica themed work began as realism and portraiture while living in Melbourne as she explored the city’s rich art culture. After moving to Israel to live for four years, Sossy regularly visited the Old City of Jerusalem where she mingled with Israeli artists who inspired and influenced her work as a Judaica artist. Weaving her way through European art galleries, Sossy had a deeply transformative experience while viewing Gustav Klimt’s work in Vienna. Having spent years perfecting a classical style that was underpinned with technical skill, Sossy was moved to transition her style to abstract work with symbolist and impressionist influences, paving the way for her distinctive abstract Judaic style she maintains today.

As a regular featured artist in the thriving New York Judaica art scene, Sossy’s work is represented by Zohara Art Gallery, 925 Sterling & Art and Kuva Art where local and international art collectors have seized the opportunity to work with such a talented artist.

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