Ladies Freestyle Paint | Series Painting Workshop

Follow Sossy into her surreal artist-studio environment, for the Ladies Freestyle Workshop. Book now to be swept into a world of colour and beauty that connects you with your creative side. We invite you into Sossy’s inspired gallery, located at 475 Glenuntly rd. Each session is 90 minutes. Seats are limited and classes are small — so book now to discover what your inner artist can do.
Contact us for additional times and pop-up Workshops


  • At the Sossy and Canvas Gallery+Studio, Located in Elsternwick, Melbourne
  • Monday Mornings 10:00 AM
  • Monday Evenings 8:00 PM
  • Thursday Mornings 10:00 AM


  • Live Guided painting session with artist guided step by step instructions for creating your own beautiful abstract artwork
  • Artist grade materials supplied by the studio
  • A choice of artist easel or high bar table as your personal working space; thoughtfully designed for studio oil painting

Two Booking Options:

  1. The Workshop Package - The Workshop package is for the dedicated artist and consists of 6 Workshop session tickets. The tickets are valid for 6 weeks from purchase. 
  2. Casual Workshop - The Casual Workshop option is for the budding artist that wants the flexibility of choosing which dates suit their schedule to paint and these workshops can be booked on an on-demand basis.


  • Learn to prepare an oil painting, start to finish; from initial instruction as you develop the brush stroke technique, all the way to mastery of the oil paint medium
  • Instruction of the colour spectrum, and guidance to develop your unique colour palette
  • Bring home your own painting on a beautiful artist’s canvas — handmade by you

At the end of the series, you will bring home your own unique artwork on a beautiful artist’s canvas, specially crafted for your own home or space — a memento of the inner artist that lies inside, ready to be called upon once again.

Your mind will be open to the possibilities that your inner artist can create, with the paintbrush as your tool and your creativity as the only limit.


Paint in the Artist’s Gallery!
Follow Sossy into her surreal artist-studio environment, where you will be swept into a world of colour and beauty that connects you with your creative side. We invite you into Sossy’s inspired gallery, located at the vibrant Elsternwick Village, 475 Glen Huntly Rd. Seats are limited and classes are small — so book now to discover what your inner artist can do.

What happens if I miss one of my sessions in the Workshop Package?

You are welcome to attend a makeup session in the following week.

Which dates are available?

The Ladies Freestyle Paint workshop is offered on Monday and Thursday mornings weekly at 10:00. If these times don't suit you and you would like to request a different time, feel free to chat with us via our online widget and we can find the perfect time together.

How long do the workshops run for?

The duration of each workshop is 90 minutes.

Do I need prior expertise or experience?

No, prior skill and experience is not required. The workshops cater towards all abilities.

What if I don’t have any ideas about what to paint?

Not a problem. It’s wonderful to come to the workshops with an open mind. You will be inspired
by Sossy’s studio gallery, featuring captivating oil paint artworks in a range of colours and patterns, and be guided in choosing your own colour palette through hands-on advice by Sossy. Abstract art does not require an initial idea about what to paint; simply enjoy the journey as you
connect with your creative side.

What do I need to bring?

Your creativity and inspired mind. We will supply everything you need to create your own masterpiece, from sketchbooks for initial planning, to artist’s canvas, paint and paintbrushes from our studio stock.

Do you offer private workshops?

Yes, we do offer private art workshops. Please contact us for more information.

As a master of her craft, Sossy’s works hang in prominent homes, galleries and spaces around the world. Returning to her Melbourne roots, Sossy operates out of her immersive art studio, filled with past works, artwork in progress, and creative inspiration.

While Sossy’s talent and expertise has led to global renown, she believes that art is for everyone — and it’s best enjoyed together! Through her painting workshops, Sossy shares her artistry and sparks a love of creativity among friends.

Sossy guides each workshop with encouragement and advice, keeping every session lighthearted and beginner-friendly as she turns a creatively challenging activity into one that is easy and accessible for all. We invite you to get loose, crafty and artsy as you paint a beautiful artwork at the Sossy and Canvas studio.

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