Cupcake Decorating Activity

Get super crafty these '24 Winter Holidays with a boutique Workshop at an Artist's own Gallery
This Workshop is a single session actvitiy and is 2 hr in duration. Suggested age is 8 - 14 years old. The sessions will run on:
Graffiti Abstract Art Activity | Monday 15th July @10:00-11:30 | boys and girls welcome☺️
Cupcake Decorating Activity | Thursday 11th July @9:30-11:30
For additional dates and private bookings, contact the team directly via the Whatsapp widget or on 0466009392

Join an Artsy and delicious  Cupcake Deco Caking  activity. These 24’ Winter School Holidays. 


  • an Artist Workshop sessions for children aged 8 - 14

  • 2 hours in Duration

  • Learn the sills of foundation caking and culinary decorating skills from  artist Sossy

  • All Kosher ingredients inc. cupcakes, fondant and icings

  • 3 yummy and fancy cupcakes to be brought home and eaten as a trio treat ( or too good to eat!)

  • Dedicated workbenches and Kitchen setup for the children to work on, in a Genuine Artist Gallery


We are going to be creating 3 professional decorated cupcakes out of marshmallows, fondant, icing and food dyes - and sprinkles!

  • In Step 1 Sossy will begin with showing the children how to prepare the whipped cream with magical colours and the piping technique for the base of the decoration

  • Step 2 is Moulding the fondant and crafting the shapes while learning textile skills similar to clay building - just edible

  • Step 3 is Piping the cupcakes and decorating with spliced marshmallows, crazy sprinkles

  • All ingredients are Kosher certified by  KA

  • The activity is safe and wont involve hot surfaces or sharp knives and will be guided by professional artist Sossy who holds a WWCC certification


Paint in the Artist’s Gallery!

Follow Sossy into her surreal artist-studio environment, where you will be swept into a world of colour and beauty that connects you with your creative side. We invite you into Sossy’s inspired gallery, located at 475 Glenhuntly rd, Elsternwick, for a series of 6 workshop sessions. Each session is 60 minutes. Seats are limited and classes are small — so book now to discover what your inner artist can do.

Van Gogh and Cappuccino is led by professional artist and master at her craft, Sossy. Between the gallery walls, home to captivating oil paint artworks and abundant space that inspires, Sossy shares the special techniques she has developed through years of experience in the oil paint medium. As Sossy’s works hang in prominent homes, galleries and spaces around the world, she returns to her Melbourne roots to share her artistry, techniques and expertise with beginners and creatives alike.

Through each session, you will connect with your inner artist as Sossy guides you to explore oil painting styles. You will learn the steps and techniques to develop a mesmerising oil painting, then get hands-on advice as Sossy guides you to develop your unique colour palette — mixing and blending your colours of choice. Each workshop session begins with technique instruction to inspire and empower, then the real fun begins: you will don your apron, grab an artist’s paintbrush and palette knife, and embark on your solo journey of painting your own Van Gogh-inspired artwork.

Through Sossy’s instruction, your mind will be open to the possibilities that your inner artist can create, with the paintbrush as your tool and your creativity as the only limit. Van Gogh and Cappuccino reconnects you with the artist that lies inside, and you will be amazed at what you can create.

How long do the workshops run for?

The duration of each workshop is [NUMBER] minutes. Van Gogh and Cappuccino includes a
series of five workshop sessions.

Do I need prior expertise or experience?

No, prior skill and experience is not required. The workshops cater towards all abilities.

What if I don’t have any ideas about what to paint?

Not a problem. It’s wonderful to come to the workshops with an open mind. You will be inspired
by Sossy’s studio gallery, featuring captivating oil paint artworks in a range of colours and
patterns, and be guided in choosing your own colour palette through hands-on advice by Sossy.
Abstract art does not require an initial idea about what to paint; simply enjoy the journey as you
connect with your creative side.

What do I need to bring?

Your creativity and inspired mind. We will supply everything you need to create your own masterpiece, from sketchbooks for initial planning, to artist’s canvas, paint and paintbrushes from our studio stock.

Do you offer private workshops?
Yes, we do offer private art workshops. Please contact us for more information.

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