Mums n Bubs Painting Workshop | Open to the Public

Inspire your teenage daughter in the Sunday morning Art+Painting Skill Buildng Workshop at the S&C Gallery! The Workshop runs weekly from 11:00-12:00 and is exclusively for young teenage girls. These art sessions are an opportunity for artist Sossy to mentor the girls in expressing artisitic individuality and emotion, while cultivating raw talent and potential.


  • Artist guided Workshop in which  Sossy will hand guide Mum and Bub  though the steps of creating a beautiful finger paint + brushwork artwork
  • Sossy will surprise you with the artwork you will be painting.. Requests in advance are welcome!
  • Hosted at an intimate Gallery venue - the Sossy and Canvas Gallery & Studio
  • Artist-grade canvas panel, easy washable paint, collaging materials - supplied as need from the studio’s stock
  • A highchair setup with easels and table easels and smocks for the kids - all supplied by the studio
  • A lovely artwork to bring home and display a memento of quality time spent together

The program:

You will be invited in to the Gallery and gently seated with Mum on a stool and Bubs in their highchair. We will then introduce you to our painting palette and get to painting with a mix of brush and fingers. Artist Sossy will demonstrate We will encourage mums to paint as well so come prepared to get messy and full of paint!


  • Toddler Brush handling skills, textile awareness of the paint and fine motor skills
  • Introduction to artistry and paint. Sossy has found that when children are introduced to painting at an early age, this assists them in general confidence with art and drawing as they develop

At the end of the class, you will bring home your own uniquely designed artwork, ready to be framed and hung in your Bub’s bedroom -  along with a memento of a lovely day time spent together

For Birthday party rnquiries, please contact us directly with packages starting from $399


TEENS ART + PAINTING | SUNDAY WORKSHOP AT THE S&C GALLERY is led by professional artist and master at her craft, Sossy. Between the gallery walls, home to captivating oil paint artworks and abundant space that inspires, Sossy shares the special techniques she has developed through years of experience in the oil paint medium. As Sossy’s works hang in prominent homes, galleries and spaces around the world, she returns to her Melbourne roots to share her artistry, techniques and expertise with beginners and creatives alike.

Through each session, you will connect with your inner artist as Sossy guides you to explore various art styles. You will learn the steps and techniques to develop a mesmerising painting, then get hands-on advice as Sossy guides you to develop your unique colour palette — mixing and blending your colours of choice.

Through Sossy’s instruction, your mind will be open to the possibilities that your inner artist can create, with the paintbrush as your tool and your creativity as the only limit. TEENS ART + PAINTING | SUNDAY WORKSHOP AT THE S&C GALLERY reconnects you with the artist that lies inside, and you will be amazed at what you can create.

How long do the workshops run for?

The duration of each workshop is [NUMBER] minutes. Van Gogh and Cappuccino includes a
series of five workshop sessions.

Do I need prior expertise or experience?

No, prior skill and experience is not required. The workshops cater towards all abilities.

What if I don’t have any ideas about what to paint?

Not a problem. It’s wonderful to come to the workshops with an open mind. You will be inspired
by Sossy’s studio gallery, featuring captivating oil paint artworks in a range of colours and
patterns, and be guided in choosing your own colour palette through hands-on advice by Sossy.
Abstract art does not require an initial idea about what to paint; simply enjoy the journey as you
connect with your creative side.

What do I need to bring?

Your creativity and inspired mind. We will supply everything you need to create your own masterpiece, from sketchbooks for initial planning, to artist’s canvas, paint and paintbrushes from our studio stock.

Do you offer private workshops?
Yes, we do offer private art workshops. Please contact us for more information.

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